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Актуални новини

Конституционни съдилища

  Albania: Constitutional Court

  Argentina: Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation

  Armenia: Constitutional Court

  Austria: Constitutional Court

  Azerbaijan: Constitutional Court

  Belarus: Constitutional Court

  Belgium: Constitutional Court

  Bosnia and Herzegovina

  Brazil: Supreme Tribunal

  Canada: Supreme Court

  Court of Justice of the European Communities

  Croatia: Constitutional Court

  Czech Republic: Constitutional Court

  Denmark: Supreme Court

  Estonia: Supreme Court

  European Court of Human Rights

  Finland: Supreme Court

  France: Constitutional Council

  Georgia: Constitutional Court

  Germany: Federal Constitutional Court

  Hungary: Constitutional Court

  Iceland: Supreme Court

  Inter-Americian Court of Human Rights

  Israel: Supreme Court

  Italy: Constitutional Court

  Italy: Consulta Online

  Japan: Supreme Court

  Kazakhstan: Constitutional Council

  Korea Republic: Constitutional Court

  Latvia: Constitutional Court

  Liechtenstein: State Court

  Lithuania: Constitutional Court

  Malta: Constitutional Court

  Mexico: Supreme Court

  Moldova: Constitutional Court

  Mongolia: Constitutional Court

  Netherlands: Supreme Court

  Norway: Supreme Court

  Poland: Constitutional Tribunal

  Portugal: Constitutional Court

  Pridnestrov Moldavian: Constitutional Court

  Republic of Macedonia: Constitutional Court

  Romania: Constitutional Court

  Russian Federation: Constitutional Court

  Slovakia: Constitutional Court

  Slovenia: Constitutional Court

  South Africa: Constitutional Court

  Spain: Constitutional Tribunal

  Switzerland: Federal Supreme Court

  Turkey: Constitutional Court

  Ukraine: Constitutional Court

  United Kingdom: House of Lords

  United Kingdom: Privy Council Office

  USA: Supreme Court Collection (LII)

  USA: Supreme Court


  Constitutional Council of Cambodia

  Constitutional Court Ecuador

  Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic

  Constitutional Tribunal Peru

  Constitutional Council Lebanon

  Constitutional Court Indonesia

  The Constitutional Court of South Africa

  The Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Bahrain

  The Judical Yuan of the Republic of China

  Tribunal Constitucional Bolivia

International Organizations

  Association of Constitutional Courts using the French Language (ACCPUF)

  Concourts.net - comparative tables on constitutional review

  Conference of European Constitutional Courts

  Council of Europe

  Consultative Council of European Judges

  Gateway to the European Union

  Institute for European Constitutional Law

  Institute of Law and Public Policy

  International Association of Constitutional Law

  International Constitutional Law

  Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbruecken


  Law Library of Congress

  Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

  Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  United Nations

  Venice Commission Council of Europe

  Conference of Constitutional Control Bodies of the States of New Democracy

International Legal Organizations

  International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  International Criminal Court

  International Labour Organization (ILO)

  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

  International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

  European Court of Human Rights

  Court of Justice of the European Communities

 Inter-American Court of Human Rights

  African Commission on Human and People’s Rights

  Amnesty International

  International Committee of the Red Cross

  Human Rights Watch

  International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights

  International League for Human Rights


  The European Human Rights Advocacy Centre

  Database on the UN human rights treaty system

  Collected Constitutions in English